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ZXT-120 Zwave AC IR Extender with ISY?


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I am in the same boat.  The manual states that parameter 27 is where the custom IR codes should be placed.  I noticed that if you right-click / control-click (Mac) on your device in the ISY admin, you can set a parameter. 


I have two mini splits I would love to control, however I was not successful in getting any commands to the units.  It appears that the parameters are set, however, I can't get either of the units to do anything.  I have tried all of the codes listed for each mini split to no avail.


For what it is worth, my ZXT120 is v.1.7 and both units are listed in the v1.8 manual.  However, I don't believe that is the issue as comparing other manufacturer codes from 1..7 to 1.8 doesn't seem to show the codes are different. 


Can someone help me to better understand how to see all of the information the ZXT120 (which the ISY sees as a thermostat) has to cough up, like parameters?  Also, any thoughts on how to test IR other than see if the AC unit turns on or off? :)

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OK!  So, I got one of the 4 (don't ask, our Texas home is under construction and 101 years old!) IR capable A/C units in the house to work using the parameter 27 code entry method above.  So, apparently this may be possible providing your ZXT-120 has the codes available.  I just emailed Remotec to find out if I can upgrade 1.7 to 1.8. 


Anyway, I just came across this as it appears the Vera controller works well with the ZXT-120.  It looks like there is some good info in there that can help get this thing set up with an ISY. 


ZXT-120 Vera Manual

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