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I have my front door wire with a hidden door sensor. When first installed i would get a text notification within a minute of the door opening. Latley it takes more than 5 , 10 minutes for text to come to my cell. Any ideas of what i can check


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How are you sending notifications? Email? IFTTT? Pushover? Pushbullet? etc....?


Email can have delays - that's quite common with some providers. Same with IFTTT - usually very quick, but often delays happen. I've never had any delays with Pushover notifications though.



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Are you using the 'Default' mail server - or a custom one?


I know the recommendation is generally to set your own mail providers server in there since there are occasions when UDIs is overloaded - usually due to spammers trying to abuse it I believe.

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Whenever ISY is configured to deliver SMTP mail directly to your providers SMTP ingress server, it will be *way* faster. There is no relaying involved.


If you have ISY use 'Default', or any third party SMTP server - then the mail has to be fully received, processed, queued for resending and then resent. This will always add a delay - usually only a second or two - but sometimes many seconds.

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