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Lost access to ISY


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I changed the IP address and was unable to access the ISY. My error. After scrolling thorough attached devices I found that the address I chose has been assigned to a different device. I tried a reset several times to no avail. What will I lose if I perform a factory reset?


BTW, I have more that 40 attached devices.




The device with the same address was a 5G WiFi device, so I turned off 5G wireless, logged on and reconfigured the ISY :oops: :oops: :oops:


I'm now creating a backup B)


Not OK


Portal indicates that the ISY is not on-line. All four accounts are gone.

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Hi stusview,


If you have a mini USB to USB cable, you can connect to ISY's monitor port (115200, 8, N, 1), login, at the prompt type CT (followed by the return key) and then either enter the correct IP address OR enter 0 for DHCP.


If you have a good backup, you can factory reset and then restore your backup.


Also, if for any reason you can still access ISY through the portal, you can use the Admin Console through the portal and change your network settings.


With kind regards,


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Hi Michel,


I was able to log in and correct the mess I created. Sadly, the situation is significantly worse. I no longer have any portal accounts. This is when I was overcoming a problem adding a fourth account some months ago. I was successful and have been running all four accounts.



This is what I have now.




I did follow the procedure to create a portal account and even got messages that everything went OK (e.g., You can close this window). But no success.


Thanks for any help you can provide.





Edit: Help, Purchase Modules indicates that the portal is inactive.

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Up and running. Thanks again, Michel.


The solution:


Hi Stu,

Thank you. As I suspected, the issue is DNS related. I think you have configured your ISY with a static IP address. In that case, either use for DNS OR revert to DHCP and see whether or not those DNS errors go away.

With kind regards,

UDI Tech Support  
Michel Kohanim
Universal Devices, Inc.


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