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Monitoring External temperature of a wireless thermostat 2441ZTH


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Is there any development in the works to see the temperature from the external thermostat sensor other than walking up to it. I have it installed in an enclosed terminal can. The main temperature is monitoring my water temperature as the external sensor is just sensing outside temperature. It would be nice just to be able to see from my phone or tablet the local temperature it is sensing. 





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No. The external temperature sensor can be swap wired with the internal.


There are a few methods using 1-wire devices with RPi or WC8 but the easiest way and probably the cheapest is


   CAO Tags


I have four now and they are so easy to implement.

They will natively email you, send temps to devices by URL, or about 15 other methods, even talk to you on a mobile app..

Mine will not disconnect to the end of the street about 1000 feet and batteries are claimed to last about a year or two. So far, I believe it and they use CR2032 batteries that I get at the dollar store in a pack of three.


The Pro unit can save months worth of data and update the database when they connect again. I get temperature to 0.3C accuracy, 0.001C resolution accuracy, humidity, motion, loss of signal, X,Y,Z axis positions, weatherproof (some).


To stuff values into ISY you need to install a little program in their KumoApp cloud service to make your master unit stuff the parameters into ISY. It can be downloaded or copied from a thread here or PM me and your variable locations installed.


They are easy and awesome.

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