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Using Thermostat Heat Mode to Trigger Action


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I have a 2441TH thermostat and was trying to use it being on/off to trigger a duct fan but am having trouble.


I don't seem to have a CLIHCS response from the unit, so I can't trigger an action when it is calling for heat.


Is this something only newer 2441TH's offer? I've had this unit for 3+ years would be my guess.


Is there an easier way to kick the fan on/off would anyone suggest? I generally leave the thermostat in Heat mode, and then raise/lower the temp as needed, could I perhaps do that some other way? Turn it off when not needed, and switch on to Heat when needed?


Any ideas welcomed. Thanks.

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Just tried Heat/Off as the switch, that won't work as when the thermostat reaches temp and switches off, it's still in Heat mode but not calling for heat. The fan duct will keep running. That's not going to cut it. I need to know when the unit is calling for heat...

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The thermostat has three nodes. Two of those are Heat Ctl and Cool Ctl. See image below:



Create a scene with Heat Ctl as the controller and the duct fan as the responder. When the thermostat is in Heat mode, the Heat Ctl node will turn on when heating and off when not heating.

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AFAIK, all Insteon 2441TH thermostats have three modes including the three I have installed. Even my wireless 2441ZTH thermostats have three nodes. If yours doesn't, remove it from the ISY, do a factory reset and then add it back.

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Will do Stu, see how that works.


There is no group/ungroup Larryllix - that's the issue.

My apologies. I missed the "nor" there.


Follow Stu. I had to factory reset my 2441ZTH units sometimes a dozen times and link them before one acted properly and one newer version never did. Both report OK but control will not work for the newer firmware,

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