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Can't get Mobilinc to work


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Just changed to isy portal today from mobilinc connect.  The portal is working in that I can use the console and connect from my.isy.io.  But I cannot get mobilinc to connect.  I followed the wiki explicitly.

Host Type: ISY

User Name - my isy portal user name

Password - my isy portal Pwd

Local http://   blanked out

Local Port 80 - this was the setting so left it

Secure http://my.isy.io

Secure Port 443

Connect Method Auto (https) - I also tried http

UUID of ISY - this says Remote ISY and does not let my type


I do Tap to Sync with ISY and get


Syncin with ISY

Parsing Program Status


It hangs for a few minutes then says

Connection Error  Retry, Stop, Settings.


I added a 3rd profile to try from scratch - no difference


Some additional info - before it hangs on Parsing program status I see quickly flashing by

Parsing Devices and Scenes - I think that is succeeding, but the program parsing is failing.


My ISY is at 4.5.4



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Thanks, that worked to get my Mobilinc to work with both ISY's, There was one more step. When I tried to link the new email address to Amazon, I got an error "This Amazon user profile has already been used ...".  I had to un-link my first user's 2nd ISY  from my Amazon account, then re-link it using the second ISY portal user.

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I am having the same problem as bob123. I always ran mobilinc connect through mobilinc HD on an iPhone 7 and I just converted to the ISY portal and I cannot connect through moblilinc any longer.


My perferred ISY is set and I can access the device from portal plus Alexa working properly.


I have uninstalled the software and reset the device.


I am also running 4.5.4


Please help, Thank you

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I am having a similar issue:


I have tried to connect many times to my ISY remotely and the screen keeps getting stuck on
Syncing with ISY
Parsing Address: 46 37 48 1


I have to do a hard shutdown of the app and reboot it. When I get back into it I don't have the status of any of my insteon devices. However, I can turn on and off my devices if I go individually in them but the status does not show the current status. It just stays blank.


I have already tried to reinstall the app without success. Following are my settings:


Host Type ISY
User name (my user name)
Password (my password)
Local http://no-ip(my host name).zapto.org:85
Local Port:  85
Secure https://440
Secure Port: (blank)
Connect Method Auto(Http)
UUID of ISY 00:xx:ss....

Auto Sync over wifi checked
Auto Sync over cell checked


Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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