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2457D2 Question


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Hi guys;


Just saw a Black Friday sale on a three pack of these (Insteon LampLinc Plug In Dimmer)

and was wondering if I could use this dimming LampLinc 

with a non dimming item such as a fan.


If I have the ON/OFF ramp rates at 0


Let me know,


If I'm allowed to plug the store where the sale is I'd love to share but I don't know what the rules for advertising on the forum are.


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Hi Andrew


Dimmers are specifically designed to dim light bulbs. They are not designed for other types of loads. There is inherent danger in trying other type loads like fans, appliances etc.


It might technically work for a while before the dimmer or load are damaged (or worse), but its not something to consider.



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You are showing in Canada.




This will be cheaper and faster for you, than SmartHome, even with a single unit purchase, and you will have a valid warranty that you will be able to get service with.


The three pack dimmers at aartech.ca is a very good deal. They are excellent to deal with.

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Hi Larry;


The three pack dimmers was the reason I started this thread. 

I don't need dimmers as much as ON/OFF modules but I couldn't find a deal on them.

The link was for an On/Off module.


My comment was to compare the price and details with the Smarthome deal, and that in Canada it was not as good of a deal as aartech.ca single units.


My closing comment may have confused the point.


Here is the result in USD for the On/Off 4 pack deal.

Multiply that by 138% for CDN ($243.23) and possibly add HST and then Bond fees for collection of it.

Then you have to run to the post office to get it instead of being dropped at your door.

With no warranty that's no deal.



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