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ISY Portal/Geo Fencing/Locative App


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I want to use the Locative app for geo fencing but have had problems making it operate.  It appears that "help" in Locative is only available via Twitter or Facebook, neither of which I use.  I am wondering if anyone can possibly help me get it operational. 


I have followed the instructions on the wiki to establish the keys.  In the Locative app I copied the trigger keys into the proper arrival and departure "post" entry points.  Both the triggers were turned on.  I turned on HTTP Basic Authentication and added by username and password. 


For my global HTTP Setting I entered URL https;//www.my.isy.io  Set it as a Post, turned on Http Basic Authentication and added my username and password. 


As I depart and reenter the geo fence I receive the following message;


POST Failure:  No readable response received.


I also receive the same failure notice when I run a test request from the setting page. 


Any help is appreciated. 

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I have been having trouble with Locative this week, but I have been using it for months very reliably.  There was an update 3.1.1 recently and I believe my trouble started after that.  I just received a notification for an update 3.1.2 so I'm thinking there may have been a bug with releases so close together.  I haven't confirmed that my problem is fixed as I just downloaded it a few minutes ago.


You only need to populate the HTTP push section with the URL's provided by the portal, turn off basic authentication and the Global HTTP settings. They are not needed.


Make sure you have 3.1.2.

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I haven't found Locative to be very useful. It wigs in and nearly every single day. (e.g. I am home, it decides i am not.)


In any case... you need to either:


- subscribe to the ISY portal


- set up your router to do port-forwarding to your ISY. There are SEVERAL steps needed to do this, and has been adequately (and voluminously) covered in older posts


- Set up a VPN between your phone and your home network


You should NOT expose HTTP from your ISY to the Internet. It is NOT secure. Only use HTTPS or a VPN.

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