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Dead Motion Sensor....


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I had one of my motion sensor die. (2842-222) Replaced battery (original seemed to have plenty of power)...tried reset...no response at all.  It's quite old and gets a lot of work!   


I tried to order another one from Smarthome and they say it's unavailable.  Any idea if they just had a run on them or are they changing the product??



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The Motion Sensors have jumped between "In Stock Ship Today" and "Not Available" for the last few weeks.

A post here indicated that Amazon may still have some.


There is a completely different Insteon Motion Sensor (2844-222) in the FCC Database.


Smarthome rarely gives advanced notice of new products being released. Until they are available, are taking preorders or announcing them at a show..

So we can only guess to when they may replace the older model with the newer model.


There is a thread here on the new 2844-222 Insteon Motion Sensor.


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I am glad I have a couple of spare Insteon MSes.


I would not want to receive some fresh new SH design without any firmware upgrade facilities or offerings.

It may be slated for the garbage, when you receive it, with their demonstrated history. Of course it probably be labelled v0.60 or something nonsensical, out of order.


Make sure the return shipping is included for DOA. The shipping cost  to return the defective product probably won't cover the item credit received.


hmmm....maybe I should consider a Zwave board?

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hmmm....maybe I should consider a Zwave board?


I like the flexibility that the zwave board gives.  I use several zwave motion sensors.  I cannot say whether they are more reliable than insteon, however.  I have had no failure of any motion sensor, including x-10, insteon, or z-wave.  Neither am I confident a zwave sensor can be used in a scene relationship, so there may be those program delays so many seem to dislike.


The other hesitancy I would have about a "new-and-improved" insteon motion sensor is compatibility with the ISY.  It seems to me that there can be a delay between release of the new device and ISY ability to recognize it.  Most of the time, however, it seems pretty quick.

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