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Thermostat won't go to Program Mode from ISY


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I am just starting to use ISY to control thermostats at my church.  These are new heat pump units 2732-242 v11


I can not get them to enter into the program modes from ISY.  Either from the admin main console or from programs, I can change them between off, cool, heat, and auto, but not program cool/heat/auto.  If I change to one of those modes, ISY shows the change in the console, but if I query it, it shows that it is still whatever it was before.  Same thing if I use a program to change the mode.


They do go into program mode just fine from the actual thermostat and display as such when queried by ISY.


and 5.0.8

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Hi apostolakisl,


Please try 5.0.10 or revert to 4.5.4.


With kind regards,


Perfect, fixed it.  Also it got rid of "program cool" and "program heat" which are two modes that I don't think exist.


EDIT:  The ISY Dashboard still shows "program cool" and "program heat" even though the admin console does not.  Also, those modes show up in Agave.  I thought it was an Agave problem until I found the dashboard also has it.  If I try setting to "program cool" the dashboard responds with an error that the device didn't respond.

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