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Device status in admin console doesn't change until I hit Query

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I've recently set up my ISY to replace an old EZServe (which is still present) and have set up my Insteon devices by using the "New Insteon Device" menu and entering the device addresses.


I've got a ceiling fan attached to a 2476ST SwitchLinc Relay V.2C which is defined in the ISY and I can use the on and off buttons in the admin interface to turn the fan on and off.  This device is also set up to respond as X10 A3 and I can turn the fan on/off with an X10 controller, but when I do so the ISY admin interface doesn't see the device change state until I hit the query button and an ISY program with the on status of the fan as a condition doesn't trigger either.


To the best of my understanding when the ISY set up the SwitchLinc device it should have added a link to itself so it would be notified of device state changes - is this correct?


Can anyone tell me how to troubleshoot this so the ISY correctly reflects the state of this device without my manually hitting the query button?


Here is the device links table:



The address of the PLM attached to the ISY is 43.72.F5

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To the best of my understanding when the ISY set up the SwitchLinc device it should have added a link to itself so it would be notified of device state changes - is this correct?



I understand the links should be there, yes, but the fan may be one of those devices that does not broadcast status changes.  (There are a small number of such devices, I believe.)


If you want to use X10 to control the fan, I suspect it best to use a program triggered by the A3 command and turn on the fan SCENE from the program.

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My setup also has Insteon Modules old enough to still accept X10 addresses. The latest Insteon Models dropped X10 support.


I have a similar 2476S {Administrative Console calls it a 2476ST Timer Model Switchlinc} with an X10 address in it.

If you turn it On or Off with the local paddles or an Insteon command. It update in the ISY Administrative Console.

If I use X10 commands with any of the Insteon Modules. It will not update the ISY Administrative Console.


What you are seeing is correct. X10 commands will not update the ISY Administrative Console unless you do a Query of the module or the whole setup.


You probably could use the X10 command being received from the X10 controller to do something.

Do you have the optional A10/X10 add on for your setup? I am not sure if that can add anything extra.



Also the 2476S(T) will also broadcast an X10 On, Off and a  %Dim {if it is a dimmer type} command when the local paddles are activated. If it has an X10 Primary Address in it. Along with an Insteon message to other linked devices.

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I found none of the plug-in modules that supported X10 commands sent out their status.


I was doing the same thing from X10 senders for some time. X10 signals would never go from one end to the other end of my house so ISY would not see them. Now, I only use X10 modules for near-the-ISY spots and I stopped trying to use combination devices with X10. It was a PITA.


Without the wiring distance it should have worked reliably. The PLM has a weak X10 radio. Brian's technique works if ISY can hear the X10 commands.

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Thanks all.  With this stuff you never know from which direction you're going to get whacked next.  The real situation in this case is that I'm trying to get used to ISY programming and using the Java API to monitor activity going on in the house.  I picked that switch to play with because it happened to be in the same room while I was programming, never guessing that it would be the one exceptional case in the house that wouldn't receive status notifications (and making me totally confused about why my code wasn't working).


So for now I'll just experiment with other devices in the house while I get my code working.

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