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SSL Certificate Won't Install


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Hello all,



I have been trying unsuccessfully to receive the certificate I bought from GoDaddy, and nothing I've done seems to work.  I have followed the directions to the letter, but when I select the "Receive Cert." button, copy the contents of the .crt file into the dialog, absolutely nothing happens.  The dialog doesn't update with the issuer information, and my connection is not trusted anymore.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi Michel,



I did what you asked, but nothing displayed in the java console.  Just to review my steps:


  1. I click "Receive Cert."
  2. Copy and paste text from GoDaddy *.crt file into the dialog and click "Ok"
  3. Another dialog asks if I want to import intermediate certificates, I click "Yes"
  4. I see my certificate in the list, I then click "Import Cert." and select the, "gd_bundle-g2-g1.crt" file from GoDaddy
  5. I see the intermediate certificate in the list now
  6. I click "Save" - then nothing updates in the SSL Certificates Management dialog (still shows certificate issued by ISY)
  7. I press the "Enter" button in order to get the dialog to accept changes (no other dialog displays after step 6, it just sits there), when I press "Enter", the SSL Certificates Management dialog closes
  8. I press "Enter" again in order to get the Network dialog to close
  9. ISY Dashboard then says it has to reboot for settings to take effect
  10. After reboot, the certificate from GoDaddy is gone, and I'm stuck with the certificate issued by the ISY

Again, I didn't see anything in the Java console - no exceptions, no messages that it imported...


Does that help diagnose what's going on?

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Hi Michel,



It only asks to be rebooted if I hit the enter key to dismiss the dialogs - hitting the close button on the dialog doesn't get the reboot notification.  (See above.)  As I said, when I import/receive the cert I have from GoDaddy, nothing in the SSL Certificates Management dialog changes.  I would think the issuer field would at least change to "GoDaddy, Inc" or something like that.  Also, after importing/receiving the cert I would expect the "Save" button on the Network dialog to be enabled, but it's not.


I created a 2048 key request and GoDaddy says that it has a "GoDaddy SHA-2" encryption strength certificate.

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Did this get resolved and if so what resolved it. I find myself in the same position. I had a certificate expire. I downloaded the new cert and tried to install it.  Nothing, message says date expired.  Finally started over with new cert, nothing would change.  Changed form GoDaddy to Star???? on godaddy site for issuing authority. Can see it in the CA, but says invalid CA.  The issuer line never changes on the server cert screen.  Something just isn't working.  HAve spend 4 hours on it doing it every way from Sunday.  Any help would be appreciated.

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The issue seems to bee it never changes the issue authority on the server certificate.  It is acting like it is self signed even after you import the cert and intermediate.   I don't think the cert import is working at all because when the issuer was correct (before I needed to renew the cert), it seemed to never renew as I don't think it is importing as nothing ever changes.

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Yes Michael I did exactly that. I clicked server, then it asked me if I wanted existing or new i selected new and gave new password. Generated a CSR, went to godaddy, processed, waited and then went in and pasted my cert and imported intermediate bundle. I’ve actually done that whole process 8 times since midnight to no avail.


Any suggestions?

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Oh, good questions.  I am not local to my ISY, I am over a VPN.  Not sure how I can use HTTP as I am using the dashboard.jnlp java app to get as I thought that is the app you have to use.


When I click on server, when I was completely re-doing the cert I would click new.  If I got disconnected and had to log back in to load the cert, I would enter password.  So to complete start over I would click new, but when I was trying to get the new one to work I would put in password.

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Ok, I put in a ticket. I have to say, something seems like a bug.  Essentially it always treats it as a self signed cert.  The issuer always says my domain name.   it doesn't change when I install the cert and intermediate cert.  Surely this can be tested on a system. I am running most resent firmware 4.6.2.

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