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Remotely Access ISY994i?


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The attached screen shot is from the ISY994i product description.  I have used Mobilinc Connect to remotely access my ISY devices but this product description says I can do it natively with the ISY itself I believe.  Can someone point me to instructions on how to do that?  


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I use mobilinc on iOs and android for the limited times I desire remote access, but believe you can log into the native admin console or dashboard when away, just as if you are at home if you have access to a laptop or similar. Doing these things requires one to do a little port-forwarding magic with their router (a step rendered unnecessary when one uses the portal subscriptions) and a static IP address is always nice from you ISP (or using a service for this). There are also security certificates one must deal with if wanting to use a secure connection.


If you have done all the port forwading and other stuff, you can also use a web browser and log into a web-based interface from a mobile device and access an interface that I think they call UDAjax, which is built into the ISY. Read about it here:




For a discussion on the port forwading, IP addresses, and security, read:




I do not consider this stuff easy for the faint-of-heart or one unwilling to spend sme time figuring it all out. It seams there are a lot of posts about this topic.

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The basic steps (out they are not basic really) are as follows:


Configure your router to update a dynamic dns provider when the external IP changes

Purchase and install SSL certificate onto ISY for the dns name

Configure port forwarding on your router to allow external machines to access your ISY SSL port

Access remotely using the native web browser on just about any device via https://dns.domain.name (whatever name you got).


Not many ssl issuers allow carts for ddns names. I work around that by doing ddns with my own domain name. You can do this with a cname dns record pointing to your ddns name - and then getting the certificate for the cname.


An alternative is to subscribe to either ISY Portal or Mobilinc Connect - both provide remote proxying to the web interface. No port forwarding, ssl certificate or ddns tinkering required.



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I do subscribe to the ISY Portal. How does that help? Is there a support doc that tells me how to remotely access my ISY via the ISY Portal?



No real need. It's pretty easy.


Log onto https://my.isy.io

Next to your ISY, select the 'ISY Web Access' tool


That's it.



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