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Using ISY 99i without PLM


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Version 3.3.10 FW is the end of the line for the 99i. I don't think you have to have a PLM, you might get errors when it boots up, but it should be ok.


The thing to keep in mind is that the network module for 3.3.10 does not support the latest SSL, and specifically TLS. If your network resources are local to your LAN and http://, probably you will be ok. But if you are connecting to cloud services like pushover, or want to use gmail, its not going to work.  FWIW, with those vulnerabilities, I would firewall it and keep all activity in the house.


Its probably worth an hour or so of experimenting to see what will work.



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I have a few older ISY 99i units that I would like to use as basic automation controllers (through the network module). They're great, reliable and easy to program...


Is there any way to do this without connecting a PLM?




Going off memory I don't recall the last 3.XX firmware having the ability to use the controller without a PLM. I believe this was introduced mid way in the 4.XX branch and also carried over to the 5.XX


I also recall you'll need to use one of the newer 4.XX Admin UI's as it will throw an error at some point during launch. I would submit a technical support request with UDI so they can offer you all the correct resources to get it up and running.


Great little Controller for sure!!



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The ability to work without a PLM was introduced when the 994 got zwave (or shortly afterwards). It's not available with the 99i.


Without a PLM, it will always boot to safe mode I believe...



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Would make a great little Ethernet only controller,but I would severely miss the v5 features.


I wonder how much math and conditional logic v3.3 is missing.

Did it support REST calls or Network Resources in order to make it a fairly complete Ethernet logic box?

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I see no reason for a company to use any resource at all on a long discontinued product. Maybe a bit on a recently discontinued device, but long ago discontinued, like years ago--no way. Time is light years better spent on new.

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