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Controlling KPL button state


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Just purchased my ISY994i to replace my dead hub 2.


I've been really impressed with the device so far.


I'm hoping you can help me with what I hope is a small issue I can't seem to figure out.


I've got 2 KPLs in a room controlling various scenes. I've got one of the buttons set as an "All Off" and this is working well.


What I'd like to do is program the light for the "All Off" button to go OFF when any light in the room is turned on. I can't seem to figure this one out. Tried using programs (if light a or light b ... or light z is NOT off then ...), but I don't see an option to control the state of the KPL light in programs (just the overall backlight).


With thanks for any help you can provide.



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Here's a program I use that lets me know if any one or more particular lights are on. Note that the program evaluates the lights and not the scenes that control those lights because you cannot evaluate a scene for on or off. If the button is lit, then tapping the button turns off the button's LED and triggers another program that controls scenes (plus more, in my case).

DR Front Lights Button
        Status  'CR / Devices / CR FanLinc-Light 50' is not Off   <---"not off" includes any and all On-levels
     Or Status  'KT / Devices / KT Ceiling 50' is not Off
     Or Status  'LR / Devices / LR Ceiling Light KPL 20' is not Off
        Set Scene 'DR / Scenes / DR Front Off Button' On
        Set Scene 'DR / Scenes / DR Front Off Button' Off


As Jimbo indicated, the button is the only device in the DR / Scenes / DR Front Off Button scene.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "after it is used." My "All Off" program turns off the scenes that control the devices in the program above. That in itself turns the "Front Off" button off.

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I don't like how the toggle off works so I didn't set mine up like that. Plus a DBL tap has a different function for me.


When I hit my all off button the kpl back light stays on. I have a program that will automatically turn it off once pressed. This way I get the same benefit as toggle off but additional functionality

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