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Thermostat offline.. only a little


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I have two 2441TH Thermostats in my system, both now hooked up to the portal and Echo.  The results for one are odd:


If I say:


Alexa, what is the upstairs thermostat temperature?


She says:


The upstairs thermostat temperature is 77 degrees.


But it I say:


What is the upstairs thermostat set to?


She says:


Hmm... the upstairs thermostat is not responding.


If I ask her the same questions for the downstairs thermostat she provides the second answer correctly.  Any thoughts on what the issue might be?


Thanks in advance.




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Hi Neal,


Most likely ISY cannot query the thermostat or it's in Off mode.


With kind regards,




That would be a reasonable theory.. except that the thermostat is responding to temperature queries.. just not settings queries.  Oh, and it is on line.  Or at least it appears that way to ISY, and the portal.


What would be the best way to track this issue down?




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