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Trace of programs ran in log?


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In my log, I'm only seeing 'device' activity (on/off/humidity/etc).


Is there another log, or way in the log, to see what programs are running and completing at what times?




Hello Fred,


For a real time view its best to use the summary tab . . . The Level 3 error logs will also display more real time metrics.

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Yes, i do use summary, but some of the stuff is middle of the night weirdness, so i'd prefer to look at it next day.


I don't see much in L3 events, REAMS AND REAMS of variables coming from my EM dashbox.


How do you set the Error Logs to levels?  I see how to set levels in the Event Viewer, but not error log level.


I'm looking for a nice (wishful?) list of just program calls if possible.



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There is a tool from Automation Shack / io_guy that shows when programs run (by program number):

Either of these methods require you to run a program on a 24x7 .NET capable computer.. desktop, RPi, etc.


Here is a sample for program and variable updates from isylogger forwarded to a syslog db.



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Do i need a network license for my ISY for that?


For the core logging functions, no , ISYLogger subscribes to the ISY remotely from the server you set up, and no network module or portal is needed. 


(Some advanced features, like having the ISY remotely restart the isylogger instance, do require network resources and therefore the network module)

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