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Vision ZL 7432 dual relay module


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Relatively new to ISY...

I just added one of these to my ISY UD94 v.4.6.2 with Zwave 21100.

It doesn't show up as a mutlichannel device -- it just shows up as one just switch.

I've excluded and re-added, etc.




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5.x is still Alpha (feature incomplete, and likely presence of bugs affecting the WAF).

That said, plenty have a good experience with it.

Take a good backup of your current install and give it a try. If something breaks - put back your current version and restore your backup.

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Many thanks...  I'm sure these are newbie questions...

If I backup the Zwave dongle then backup the system, will that preserve my Zwave network config if I need to reset/restore?

Same real question - if I want to update to the 5.x branch, what do I do to preserve/restore the Zwave network?

Sorry to ask such basic questions...



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Hi Dennis,

If you backup your Z-Wave dongle, everything in the dongle is preserved. Then, when you backup ISY, your Z-Wave backup is also included. In case you have to restore your Z-Wave | Dongle (it is not necessary to do so if all you are doing is upgrading to 5.0x), then all you do is Z-Wave | Tools | Restore.

With kind regards,


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