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Replace PLM 2413S with EZIO8SA

No Pressure

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My sprinkler maintenance company arrive yesterday to do the annual check-up.  I told my Echo, "Alexa - turn Sprinkler Station 1 On".  She replied, "OK".  Finally, he liked my DIY sprinkler system.

Then nothing happened.

I've got an old PLM (V2.1) on the system and I presume that it suffered the typical failure in the off-season.  The wiki provides instruction for replacing a PLM attached to the ISY 994, but I didn't see one for the EZIO8SA.  

Any tips?

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Thank you.   Unfortunately no communications after the swap.  So I am faced with the next step.

If I delete the EZIO8SA i don't want to lose the related points, so I need to think that one through.

Waukegan?  I built an facility there in the mid-90s.  The industrial process controls were sourced from a building automation firm, Andover Controls (now part of Schneider).  They were way ahead of the industrial market in regards to information at the time.  I was recently back at that site and the system continues to run well.


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The replacement PLM will have a different Insteon six digit ID number with the device Category and Subcategory  written in the PLM to the ones used by the EZIO8SA.

I am not sure how the ISY994i controller handles the EZIO8SA.

I agree that for now. You don't do anything that may loose everything.

I tied looking at the Smartenit  Wiki for some information. Got a page 401 page not found for the EZIO8SA and their forums are gone.



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You can try to add it with the new PLM and not delete the old one. That would make the transition easier.

I do building automation for Siemens and previously for Johnson Controls. Very familiar with Andover. 

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Never used a EZIO8SA with an ISY994i. Mine are originaly released one from Compacta with original now obsolete firmware. My tests with a spare PLM and EZIO8SA was not conclusive.

That sound interesting.

If you added it with the new PLM  and not deleting the old one. Would the replace with function in the Administrative Console.  Put it new Insteon ID from the EZIO8SA/PLM into the devices linked to it.

A total back up of the ISY994i  before anything should be done.

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A long while ago I did experiments with my EZIOSA8 in attempts to make custom scenes that could control multiple relay outputs at the same time (w/Thanks to Lee G. and his guidance.).  This required creating custom scenes using the SHN utility.  

As part of that effort I had recorded that the EZIOSA8 ( which has a larger EEprom than the standard PLM) was storing its links at Address 3FFF.

The standard PLM stores links at 1FFF.     ( at least as best I can recall)

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I made that more difficult than it needed to be but everything is working now.

1.  Backup

2. Plug in the new PLM

3.  Add a new Insteon device using the PLM address

4. Replace the original PLM with the new one

5. Wait patiently.

One pro tip...Don't let the Anl1 to Anl2 to Com jumper fall out during the process.


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Glad you got it working again. I will have to remember the Replace With Function could be used. Thank you for verifying it.

Floating ANI1 and ANI2 inputs can cause noise to randomly trigger them on and off. I can see why the loss of them being held at Common with the jumper. Could cause issues.


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You're correct.  Per the documentation the jumper is extremely important because the noise floods the network.  I have them on all of my EZIO8SAs. It must have slipped out during the project. 

Another thing to remember with that module is the swapped outputs (7 and 8?).

With those issues addressed these modules have been excellent for swimming pool control and irrigation.  My irrigation is a bit more complicated than an EZFlora by itself can handle.  The PLM failures have been annoying to say the least.  Only one old PLM left.  It will be replaced before it fails with any luck.


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