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Keypad cannot be added


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I am trying to add a new Insteon On/Off Keypad (6-Button) (2487S) to my system. When I add it with the Link Management - Link a Remote Linc 2 dialog, it returns the error shown in the attached image.  There is an On/Off Outlet on the same circuit (unswitched) which I had no trouble adding.  The keypad emits a long tone when the error window pops up.  I also tried adding it with the simple Start Linking dialog, but it returned the same error.

Am I doing something wrong or is it possible the device is broken out of the box?

KeypadLink Error.jpg

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Hi and welcome to the UDI Forums!

FWIW, you mention "Link a Remote Linc 2" in your initial post. That's not the keypad. If that's what you been using, its better to:

  • New Insteon Device
  • Add the 3 octet Insteon ID xx.xx.xx - printed on the device's label
  • Autodiscover



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Thanks for the help. Since the keypad was installed in a triple gang box, it was easier to unplug the ISY/PLM and move that set to the room adjacent to the keypad. After doing that, the keypad installed very easily with the procedure given by @paulbates

I am now having problems configuring the keypad to do what I want, but I will search some more and start a new thread about that if necessary.

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