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error and memory LEDs flashing.

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I've had my ISY running for a year or so, and suddenly everything stopped working. Error and memory LEDs are flashing in unison. I tried resetting, switching cables, rebooting the network, and I cannot see the ISY on the network. Figured it was dead, so I bought a replacement. Plugged it in. Same thing.  Any ideas?


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DId you change routers or internet service recently?

Here is the wiki entry for these LEDs flasing

Error light and Memory light blinking simultaneously: ISY is not able to get on the network.Please ensure:

  • The Network jack on the back of ISY is connected to your router
  • The lights on the Network jack have one steady on and the other one blinking. If not, check cable and connectivity to the router
  • Your router provides DHCP
  • There are no other devices on the network with the same IP address (IP Conflict)
    • If you have configured your ISY to use DHCP, then you will have to search your network for devices that might be in the same DHCP range as your router is providing
    • If you have configured your ISY with a static IP address, and as long as you have a good backup, you can Factory Reset your ISY and then restore a good backup (File | Restore ISY). Once prompted to change the network settings, choose No



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