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Convert a Dimmer to a On/Off Switch

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The switch will need to be replaced with an on/off switch. The manual documents that the dimmer's design doesn't support fluorescent lighting.

If its one or 2 bulbs per switch,  it might be cheaper to go LEDs than pay for new switches

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If the CF is sold as Dimmable or marked as OK with a dimmer controls maybe. Some may and some may not play nice. Even at 100% on. Triac dimmers probably will not work reliably.  As they still modify slightly the AC wave at 100%. The switch, CF or both maybe damaged. Best and safest bet is go to a relay type that is On and Off only.

You can also have issues if you go to LED bulbs and they are not specified as dimmable.  As I have tried some not rated to be on a dimmer with a dimmer and bad results.

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Maybe in theory. A triac feeding an non restive load may not be close to a sine wave and dimmers also have a minimum load for stability. Heck we even see combinations of dimmable LEDs and switches acting strange. So picking a combination that works sometimes takes experimenting.

I have also seen many posts on trying to use a dimmer at 100% not working  correctly.

No one is stopping someone from trying it. Just remember you are the one that may damage the dimmer switch, damage the load or have a very unstable setup.



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Another factor is physically monitoring the switch itself. If it feels hot after 15-20 minutes, that's not good.

Also note you lose 200 watts of load capacity for each additional insteon switch you gang directly side by side.  If its a 600W dimmer, it becomes 400W when next to one insteon switch, and 200W if sandwiched between 2 insteon switches. Hot running switches is a symptom of this problem. While this has become less of a problem as CF and LED bulbs need less and less power, but needs to be considered in your installation if you're pushing the switches specs.


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