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Error logging into admin console via portal url


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19 hours ago, Michel Kohanim said:


Usually, there are two error messages one of which is DHCP. Do you get two?

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I do believe that it shows that exact error twice often.  I just logged in right now 5 times and I got an error every time.  Once I got a single instance of the DHCP error, and 4 times I get "request failed" (the request failed error is one I haven't seen before just now).  Also, it sometimes gets stuck on "starting subscription"  at which point I just have to close it down and start over.  All 5 logins I just did seem to work fine once I closed out the error.  I don't believe I ever log in and don't get an error on this ISY (I have two).  The other ISY I typically login via the local LAN, so I don't have as much experience as to what the portal does for it.

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