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Brand new ISY, programs not running, "out of memory".

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Did some further reading and I didn't actually upgrade anything to get them out of sync but went and cleared Java cache and then started up with this:


Which added an "ISY Launcher" so then I went and added in the portal URLs for both of my ISYs and when I went into the one above that was out of sync, they now match:


And on the programs tab it first said none of them were saved so I went and saved them and they now have a scheduled run time so I think that got that sorted out.

I did notice I got the attached errors on start up. Not sure if anyone knows what those are from:


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Sorry, didn't realize there was an open question (I had alerts on because I got the notice today but didn't remember getting the one back in October).

Anyway, once I got the UI and Firmware in sync all was sorted out. And yes, I'm using the ISY Launcher

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