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What does this icon mean ?

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I think that this icon means I have to re-write tables to the sensor , but I'm not sure. The sensor is question is no different than any other others I have, but this one seems

to be stuck in whatever this status means. Any ideas ? Thank you very much in advance. I was not able to find it in any of the documentation.



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RCCOLEMAN: I'm sorry to bother you again. I actually don't have those icons on version ( I'm on 4.7.3)... I see many users on the forum are on some form of

beta 5.x.x ... are the icons you reference on 4.7.3 ? Thanks again in advance.. Scott

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The icons rccoleman posted are the ones that *control* the behavior you're seeing on your screenshot, slp.  The ability to control (defer) the writes/updates is unique to the "pro" firmware on the ISY, not specific to the version.

So, putting rccoleman's screenshot aside (it's not really pertinent to you since you don't have the pro firmware), the icons you're seeing next to those devices indicate that the ISY has some sort of settings change (a link update, or something like that) that it cannot write to that device because the device is not online or not responding right now.  If the device in question is a battery-powered device, this is normal -- you'll have to find those devices, and manually put them in "wake" or "setup" mode so that the ISY can update them.

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The Pro version allows you to write a program that can do it automatically when the device is open to suggestions.



Write Garage Sensor - [ID 0017][Parent 0019]

        Control 'Garage / Garage-Sensor' is switched Off
        Set 'Garage / Garage-Sensor' Write Device Updates
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


P.S. I use Off only because I usually have other programs that respond to changes and I wouldn't want to delay an On.
You can use either or both.

Standard ISY:
When you make changes in the console the ISY tries to send the command. If the device isn't listening (linking mode) the ISY will attempt three times to communicate. If you activate the device during those retries the ISY will send the updates. So you can run to the other room and open/close the window.

Or you can cause a change in the sensor and you have ~30 seconds while it listens for feedback to get back to the console, right click the device, select 'write updates to device' from the context menu.

Or, you can put the device in linking mode which gives you more time between commands. Some minutes, IIRC. 

Every command you transceive creates a new timeout, giving you more time to play with settings.



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