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Platform errors 281007 & 281005


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ISY has been not quite right with devices going on and off at wrong times of the day and night.  I am not home at the moment.  I decided to check the ISY system clock and sure enough it's off by 1 day and several hours.  Everytime I try to synchronize the time, manually set time or set date, I get the above error and it won't set.

Anyone know what this error means?  Also is there a way to restart the ISY remotely?

Thanks in advance



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40 minutes ago, PhanTomiZ said:

Found the reboot option under my nose.  Did a remote reboot.  Now the time is good.  Still would like to know what to errors mean.


281005                    RTC_WRITE_ERROR Failed writing/updating the time in RTC
281007                    RTC_WRITE_ERROR_REFRESH Failed writing/updating the time in RTC during refreshing system clock
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11 hours ago, Michel Kohanim said:


It seems that the RTC in your unit may be going bad. Please keep and eye for recurrences and, if you see more, then it's best to send it in for repair or replace it.

Merry Christmas.

With kind regards,

I'm away for the season and this is the first time this has happened.  Unfortunately it happened while away.  Just checked and still good after my reboot 2 days ago.  I'll keep an eye on it.  Thanks for the input. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New year.


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