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Running a program's "if" line via Alexa Routine


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I have a number of programs that are called by Alexa routines so I don't have to say "Turn on" or "Turn off", I can specify the syntax (Alexa, close the garage door...)

Apparently the way I've been doing it, the "if" line in the program is ignored (most of my programs were only "Then" lines, so I didn't notice).

I knew that if you don't use Alexa routines, you could run THEN or ELSE by saying "turn on" or "turn off".

So I had to make additional programs for each program I wanted to run, with the THEN line reading "Run program xxxx, IF".

So this works, but doubles then number of programs.

I'll add that in the ISY portal, my programs are set to show in Alexa as a SCENE currently.

Is there a way to somehow have the program, when called by an Alexa routine, to run a particular part of the program (the IF line in this case.)?



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15 hours ago, larryllix said:

No. ISY Portal runs Then or Else depending on On/Off or Close/Open.

Running an  If can be done by one vocal reception program running a second program's  If section, just like you posted above.

Thanks - just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.


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