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ZWave error message "sizeof(UZWCmdClassEntry) too small (4 < 101)"

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Running 5.0.14, having some communication difficulty with a couple of Radio Thermostat CT32 units, I see messages like this in the event log:


Thu 02/28/2019 21:42:25 : [ZW-DB /CONF/0022.CZW] sizeof(UZWCmdClassEntry) too small (4 < 108)

Thu 02/28/2019 21:42:25 : [ZW-DB /CONF/0011.CZW] sizeof(UZWCmdClassEntry) too small (4 < 101)
. . .

Thu 02/28/2019 21:42:50 : [ZWAVE-WAKEUP   8] Force writes to ZW008_1

Thu 02/28/2019 21:42:50 : [ZW-DB /CONF/0011.CZW] sizeof(UZWCmdClassEntry) too small (4 < 101)

Haven't made any recent changes to the ISY or added new devices, etc.

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Thanks for checking on this.   

This ISY serves my Makerspace and has a portal subscription, I can share details via private message if you need more details or the UUID.



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This ISY was received from UDI in November 2018, with 5.0 installed.   We have 5 Z-Wave devices -- 4 are CT32 thermostat USNAP modules (all thermostats have "C" wires for constant power), and one Aeotec repeater 6.

The errors are on the devices that are further away, reached via repeater.  Thermostats showing the error message also lose their status in the Admin Console, and on the web they look like this now:



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Hi Kevin,

Can you please take a backup of your ISY and send DM it to me.  It looks like the database information for that thermostat may be corrupt, or the ISY may be having trouble reading it from the SD card.

You can try restarting  the ISY and see if that fixes the problem.  If not, delete all the ISY nodes for the thermostat (no need to exclude the thermostat), and then synchronize again.

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No change after a restart.

Deleted the nodes for both of the thermostats having problems.   Synchronize brought one of the thermostats back to normal, but ZW_008 (Woodshop shown above) didn't come back as a Thermostat, instead it's an "Uninitialized" node named "ZW 008 0.0.0"

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