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New Controller Question


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I read in a post somewhere here today that somebody was asking for help because he just purchased a new ISY Controller because his old one wasn't working correctly. 

He said he wanted to downgrade from 5 to 4 (firmware).

He said the new controllers are being shipped out with the new version 5 of the firmware. 

So my question is this: 

Is it true if I order a new ISY it will come without version 5 firmware? 

I have been holding back from upgrading my ISY from 4 to 5 because it's a lot of work making sure the uograde converted all my programming correctly. 

So if I purchase a new ISY and it comes with version 5 of the firmware then I could slowly move all of my Automation from the old controller to the new one. 

After everything is switched I can then do an upgrade to the old controller to version 5 and then store it as a backup controller should anything happen to the new controller. 

(Plus it puts some money into Universal Devices coffers for all their hard work over the years!) 

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What's the model number on the bottom of your ISY? 
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Attached is a picture of the bottom label of my ISY.

I'm still interested in obtaining a new ISY with the new 5.x firmware rather than upgrading my existing ISY.

I just need to know which one I should order.

And if I order from Amazon can I assume I will get version 5.x firmware or should I order it directly from you. Universal Devices?



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