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How to access 99i remotely


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I've moved my old ISY 99i to my parents home, out of state, some years ago.  I've been trying forever to access it (preferable remotely).  Remotely, I'm trying:

  • I can access the Dashboard, but when you click the admin console in the Dashboard, it says, Certificate has been revoked.  The application will not be executed.  
  • If I click to INSTALL the Admin Console (Internet), I get page cant be displayed: https://www.universal-devices.com/99i/3.3.10/admin.jnlp 
  • If I click the ISY Finder, it seems to find it okay using the remote IP address and port# (shows the UUID and 3.3.10 for the version, but Type = ISY994i).  BUT if I click for the Dashboard OR the Admin console, absolutely nothing happens at all.  

Are these no longer accessible remotely?  I haven't had any luck locally either.  I got close once, but it said the two versions of ISY didn't match and I needed to upgrade my ISY99i to V5.0, which isn't possible.

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99i devices only support very old encryption that most operating systems no longer support (Microsoft and Apple have now removed the old insecure ciphers). If you are trying to access with ssl this may be why.

Best bet is to use a vpn to get to the network the 99i is on then use regular HTTP.

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