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Existing scene messed up after trying


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I am trying to simplify my setup switching from programs to scenes.

I start working with 1 light that consists of Keypadlinc button and InlineLinc Dimmer module. It is already configured in one scene where I can turn the light on and off with the KeypadLinc button and that button should also reflect the status of the light. In this scene Keypadlinc button is controller and InlineLinc is responder.

So I create 3 new scenes:

Outside Lights Bright
Outside Lights Dim
Outside Lights Off

To each of these scenes I add the relevant outside lights and KeypadLinc buttons related to outside lights. I don't configure them yet for the proper on levels and ramp rates, but that shouldn't be an issue because there is no controller for these scenes and I have never set these as On or Off.

The issue is now the KeypadLinc button doesn't work as expected. When I press the button lamp turns on, but button flashes on and then back off (almost as if it was set to non-toggle on mode, but it's not) and I have no way to turn off the light through the KeypadLinc. However, I can find the scene in ISY Console or Mobilinc App and turn it on and off and it works as expected. ALSO even though the KeypadLinc button is not lit up the ISY Console shows the light as being "On"

How can I get this to work? Can a KeypadLinc button not be responder for multiple scenes? I already try to restore the devices from the ISY and airgap the KeypadLinc and that did not help.

Also off-topic, but wondering if ISY tracks the status of scenes? Because I don't see it anywhere in the Console, but my MobiLinc app shows on/off status when I look at a scene.

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I have the scene working without issues for months. I only have KeypadLinc button as controller. InlineLinc is only responder.

Then I add these devices, only as responder, to another scence and basic functions are all messed up.

Is there any documentation that actually explains this? And explains why I would set a device as a controller when I have no intent ever for that device to control scene? My understanding is InlineLinc as controller would only be needed when I want the physical buttons on the InlineLinc to control the scene. ..Also, how would you even do this when in Insteon a device can only be controller to 1 scene? If InlineLinc is controller to which scene would that be because it's part of 4 scenes now!

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This is the scene that has issues. Note that issue is only through the Patio KPL button. The On, Fast On, Off, Fast Off, Bright, and Dim commands from the ISY work as expected.


When I press Patio KPL Outside Lights button I expect that 1) Rear Patio Recessed Lights turns on, 2) Patio KPL Outside Lights button illuminates to indicate the lamp is on and 3) that I can press Patio KPL Outside Lights button again to turn off the light.

Here is how the button appears in the ISY:



And the lamp:



And a new scene, all I do is go to Link Management > New Scene, and then I drag the devices to it, set everything as responder (no controller in these):


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