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Alexa anouncing Arrival of user unlocking Schlage Zwave Lock


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Recently installed a Schlage Connect BE469NX-CAMRF Z-Wave Lock and have had good luck integrating it into the ISY and programming a few features and events.  I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible for a program in ISY to make alexa announce if the lock is being unlocked and who is unlocking it dependent on the user code being entered on the lock?  I thought possibly an Alexa routine, but even though it shows under devices in the if this happens section, when clicking on it, it says this device is not currently supported.  Hope I explained this correctly.



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@TomL, I just noticed your question.  I do something similar using a routine in Alexa. 

First, I set a variable in my ISY when a specific person crosses a geofence.  I have then exposed that variable as a motion sensor in the Alexa app, and created a routine that announce the persons arrival to a particular Echo in my house.  It works.

See the first sticky post in this forum for more information:



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