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Can't get new PSW/and admin name

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I have finished removing my rental 2413s (i.e., dead) and have replaced it with a new one (V2.4 alas). It has been months since I worked on the system. I can not find where I squirreled away my admin name and PSW. I have a ISY994i PRO.

I have followed the instructions I have found to reset those entries.

I cleared the Java cache.


Reset Username and Password to Defaults

  • Use a sharp object to push and hold in the Reset Button till the RX, TX, Mem, Error lights start blinking (every second)
  • Continue holding for another 5 seconds till the RX, TX, Mem, Error lights turn on/off consecutively (RX -> Tx -> Mem -> Error)
  • Release


Restore Modem (PLM)

Replace Modem (PLM)

This operation is most useful when you need to replace a defective PLM and the ISY is rebooted with a new PLM. When the communication links were established via the Link Management Menu, the PLM and INSTEON devices adds each device addresses it is linked to, in its own link table.

The ISY also reads and stores the PLM’s address at boot up. The ISY stores all the configurations settings of the lighting network. If you are replacing a PLM the ISY will have the old PLM address link stored in it.

Warning: Never replace your PLM while the ISY is running because it will assume it is still connected with the old PLM. The ISY will appear to work, but it will be writing the address of the old PLM into the device links, thus you will not see devices updates etc.

If this menu option is selected, the ISY goes through all INSTEON devices looking for old and new PLM address links. If an old PLM address link is found, it replaces them with the address of the new PLM and adds the corresponding device link to the new PLM.

To replace a PLM:

  • Unplug ISY from the power outlet
  • Unplug the PLM from ISY and power outlet
  • Connect ISY’s port A to the new PLM
  • Plug the new PLM into a power outlet
  • Plug ISY into a power outlet
  • Go to Admin Console and wait for system initialization to complete
    • If you have PRO Series, click on the Battery icon at the top. This will prevent ISY from trying to update programming on your RF devices which are probably in sleep mode
  • Click on the Restore Modem (PLM) menu option
    • In case ISY cannot communicate (or decides not to if an RF device/PRO Series) during the process, you will have a series of nodes with green 1011 icons in the device tree. For each one of those nodes:
      • If an RF device, ensure that the device is in Programming mode
      • Right mouse click | Write pending updates ...

If the above procedure fails on many of your devices, it's highly recommended that you follow the instructions for Restore Devices

After looking at the ISY to get the 994 pro information, it is now flashing red and blue on error and memory. No idea what is going on. Either something more is broken or I simply have not been able to understand the documentation I have.


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Hi @Harold,

  1. Make sure the ISY has been powered on for at least a minute.
  2. Use a sharp non-conductive object like a toothpick to press and hold in the Reset Button.
  3. Continue holding for approximately 4 seconds until all four (Rx, Tx, Mem, & Error) lights blink on/off in unison (Once per second).
  4. Continue holding for approximately an additional 7 seconds until the same lights turn on successively/consecutively (Rx, then Tx, then Mem, then Error) and then off in the same order.
  5. Release the Reset Button.
  6. The Rx, Tx, Mem, Error lights will continue to turn on/off sequentially/consecutively for a couple seconds.
  7. Wait about one minute for the ISY to fully reboot.
  8. Log in using the user name 'admin' and the password 'admin'.
  9. See Set_Userid/Password to set a new UserID and password.

With kind regards,

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