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Odd keypad button behavior


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This one has me stumped.  I have a scene and the only thing in it is a keypad button.  It's the A button if that's important.  There is no load connected to this keypad.  I have a program that turns on the scene in a Then segment.  There are several other actions in this same Then segment that run without issue.  What is very odd is that this keypad button does indeed physically turn on when it should, but the ISY says the button is off.  A query, either manually or in the program will fix it.

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In all of my testing of this, every manual initiation works.  Turning on the scene and running the program Then segment both work.

Yes, there are other commands in the then segment.  I will try adding a wait, but it doesn't seem like that is the issue since manually running it works.  Good suggestion, and I will try it tonight.

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