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Association mode? (GoControl WA00Z-1)


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I have a GoControl W00Z-1 (zwave button). The instructions refer to "association mode" in order to directly link to and control other devices. Can't seem to find anything like that on my ISY. Anyone else using these buttons?



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Z-Wave associations are supported by few controllers (HomeSeer, Vera, Fibaro) are the one's I know for sure.  However Associations are not supported by all devices in the same way and have over the years been phased out of a lot of controllers.  The support still exists in HomeSeer today but it is not recommended to use and they will not support it even with their own devices.  Wit that said I agree with @lilyoyo1that I would just use a scene to keep the z-wave button and whatever other device you want it to control in sync.  This is far easier to setup and modify when you want to.  It's probably also more reliable.

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