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Sync All Changes Between 3 Way Switches Made Via ISY Admin

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Let's say like most we have a 3-way light switch. Where of course, one Insteon dimmer switch is attached to the load for a ceiling light, and two other lights also control the light.

The solution appears simple, create a scene, add all those lights into the scene and set them all as controllers. Now you can use any of the switches to dim or turn the light off/on and the status is synced between all three and the leds sync. It would seem problem solved...well if you are controlling the light via the physical switches. The problem I'm having is when changing a light via ISY admin. (Well actually it's when controlling via an external mobile app, but since the issue is the same even when doing via the ISY admin, I'm going to focus on that to avoid adding extra complications to the question and have the answers go off topic.)

So in the ISY Admin, there is a scene called Living Room. In it there is a Living Room Light 1 (attached to load), Living Room Light 2, and Living Room Light 3. (Yes, ideally I'd simply control the scene to get the desired result but since you can set exact dimmer settings on a scene that is a no go, and yes have red all the threads on how that's not going to be supported anytime soon and they you can use the dim/brighten somewhat but can't set exact brightness). So if in the ISY Admin I change Living Room Light 1 to say 20% light, I want the Living Room Light 2 and Living Room Light 3 to immediately also update to 20% in ISY admin and their LEDs on the actual switches.

I've read there is a way to accomplish this using Programs, but haven't been able to find the exact process/solution. That is in the drop down options I don't see a Stay in Sync option, can someone what describe the simplest program one could create so when changing the load light in ISY admin, having the others in the scene stay in sync? To note, mentioning only one 3 way here to keep question simple, but actually have several and some are 2 way, so hopefully the solution is something that I can apply to each of those without too much work, aka not countless if/elses. For instance maybe if Living Room Light 1 is changed (though don't see such a general if option), then Adjust Living Room Scene to match or something?

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22 hours ago, lilyoyo1 said:

You should be controlling the scene not the individual device. You didn't mention what app you used but some do allow you to dim your scene itself. Google home nor Alexa allows that 

Right, as noted, controlling the scene isn't an option. While I could go into detail why, it wouldn't change the result, and would complicate the already somewhat involved question, so would just ask to focus on support based on the particular question above, but thank you!

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You will need ISY V5.xx for this. I would use several programs detecting the change of any involved controls to save the levels and write them to the others.


      status switch1 <=100%
    wait 5 seconds <-----allow to stabilise
    $Level.switch1 = switch1 level
    set switch2 to $Level.switch1
    set switch2 to $Level.switch1
    set switch3 to $Level.switch1

Now create copies of this program for each target device, detecting all other bulb level changes, changing the appropriate target devices.

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