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Insteon Micro Dimmer Module 2442-222 Wiring Help


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I'm trying to install a new light fixture and use a micro dimmer in the fixture box so I don't have to install a light switch. I'm getting power from a nearby electrical outlet. Here's a diagram of how I have wired it. The light comes on and when I turn the micro module on and off, the light stays on. Can someone please help? Have I wired it incorrectly, or is the micro module faulty?


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I would put the Black from the fixture to the Load terminal of the module and the white from the fixture to the white from the outlet and to the module. For standard wiring .

Is the fixture using incandescent bulbs or is it something like a LED fixture? If it is LED is it specified to work on a dimmer?

Is this a new instillation or did it originally have a standard mechanical switch you replaced?


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