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ISY TimeData Nodeserver Usage question


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I installed the TimeData server.  If gives you data like Day of the Week and Season.

So lets say I want an email every day that says its DAY OF THE WEEK and its SEASON.

How can I get the data into email?

The only way I see is assign season and day of the week to variables but they are numbers.  So season would be 1-4 for spring summer winter fall and day of the week would be 1-7. 

So I can write a bunch of programs I guess to figure out which email to send but is there not a better way to dump that info into an email?

could i format this so it gets the data??


If so could you send me info on how to configure it

for example here are some

Node server address- n014_timedata

Name of data field for example-  Month or Season




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