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Unable to add Z-Wave devices and Z-Wave dongle firmware upgrade fails

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I've been using my Isy for several years with many Insteon devices, however I am trying add my first Z-Wave device without success.

My Isy is a "ISY994i ZW PRO" model
Isy is running v5.0.16C
Z-Wave module is running 6.81.00

After trying to add a Z-Wave device without success, I first tried to Factory reset the dongle (ok), and then upgrade the Z-Wave firmware, that fails.

Attempting to upgrade the Z-Wave firmware results in:  "Ignored unsupported unsolicited Z-Wave message [RX-U 01040024FA25]" "Z-Wave Command Failed [ZWave15 Upgrade Z-Wave Firmware]"

Atempting to add a Z-Wave device gets to the "Listening for Z-Wave devices to add to the network" screen, then nothing.

I have many Insteon devices, however this is my first Z-Wave device.  Specifically, I am trying to add motorized blinds and remotes from Bali Autoview/Somfy.  They clearly contain the zwave mark and I got them specifically so I could add them to my Isy.  I am following the reset/pair procedure in the manual (both for blind motors and remotes).

Am I missing something here?


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