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Pella Insyctive Motorized shades

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Hi All.  I'm reviving an old thread of mine here: https://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/21710-pella-insynctive-bridge/?_fromLogin=1

Shockingly the ridiculous chain I had going to get my Pella Insynctive shades to work with ISY (Pella shade > Pella Zwave Bridge > Wink Hub > IFTTT > ISY) has worked really well for years... until now.  Wink announced to today they are moving to a subscription  model this week. It was inevitable I guess.


Anyway, unlike back in 2017, I have the Zwave version of ISY now (as well as Polisy).  But I've never once used Zwave.  I know this Pella Brdige is a Zwave device and the Wink hub was one of the few hub specifically identified to integrate.  

Is there a chance it will 'just work' with the ISY (I'm on V5)?  Is there a quick tutorial on adding Zwave devices to ISY?

Thanks in Advance!



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Im assuming no one has answered because they arent using the those shades with the isy so no one would know if they work or not.

There are instructions in the ISY wiki in the zwave section on how to add devices. a quick isy wiki zwave google search should bring it up. Depending on distance from the isy, you may need multiple repeaters. If you already have repeaters, I would add those to the isy first and work your way towards the blinds.

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