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Mini Remote Linc 2 won't update


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7 minutes ago, Kentinada said:

I have a Mini Remote Linc 2 that won't update. See the screenshot.  How do I debug this?  Thanks.

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 1.41.03 PM.jpg

Is this device in a folder? If so, remove it and try to right mouse click and write updates. Bring it close to the 2413S PLM while in linking mode.

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It shouldn't need to be removed just to write updates. Remote only needs to be in linking mode

I’m having a brain **** here. There was a specific reason a switch needed to be outside of a folder?!? It was some kind of setting that wasn’t visible unless outside of the folder??

I don’t recall what it was I’m thinking Replace With??

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1 hour ago, Teken said:

I don’t recall what it was I’m thinking Replace With?? emoji848.png

it was....  when you right click an Insteon device in the tree the "replace with" context menu does not appear if the device located in a folder.  It must be moved to the root level to use the function.

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