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Insteon scene on ISY or Insteon button dimmer - Best Practice


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·       ISY994i/IR Pro

·       Insteon 2334 Keypad Dimmer


I want to create a scene that turns several Insteon controlled lights On/Off


What are the pros/cons of:

·       Creating the scene on a button on the Insteon dimmer

·       Creating the scene on the ISY with the triggering event the button on the Insteon dimmer


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With an ISY in the system, you should always create scenes via ISY.

Otherwise, the ISY won't know about the scene, and could overwrite it at some point.

Also, creating them in ISY makes it very easy to change on level, ramp rates, etc.  Creating via the Set button is more work.  And some devices (FanLincs, etc) are annoying to get to the Set button.

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And don't worry about the ISY being a point of failure.  When you create an ISY scene, the links are created in the devices that respond to the button press, so even if the ISY goes offline, the button press will still cause the scene to execute.  The ISY is essentially another responder, and it can do some other things when the scene is triggered if you want it to.  At a minimum, it logs the events and keeps track of the status of all of your devices, which you probably want.


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If by triggering event you mean a program triggered by the button, that would be slower. But as others have said, using the button as a controller in the scene is the way to go, but create it using the ISY admin console.

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The isy should do all configuration for you. Nothing should be done outside of the isy (except for specific tasks such as changing 6 button to 8 button and vice versa)

With that said, both programs and direct links via scenes have their place. It simply depends on the situation. 

 I'll use a program when I want 2 different outcomes for the same switch. For example, In early evenings, my lamps will turn on full brightness when I hit the lamp button. If I want them dimmed, I'll double tap it. Late night, it the opposite. They'll turn on low and full brightness with a double tap.

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