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Notification if something goes wrong


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Hey guys, I tried searching around for answer and didnt see one. I have email and SMS setup just fine for notifications. But is there a way to set up a program that will notify if I have a failure in communication somewhere in the system? You know how when you open the admin console it tells you "whatever switch is not communicating", I would like to get a  notification on that before having to get into the admin console. Is that possible?

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Yes, but you will have to do it for each device:

     Control 'Device x' is not responding
or Control 'Device y' is not responding



For notification, you need custom content such that the offending device is included in your notification:


With kind regards,

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I have a couple of line programs for each device that collects failures, writing the count to variables.  Twice a day  at a set time the ISY sends me a list of errors, if there is any.  If there is multiple errors on a device I get a text & email right away.

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1 hour ago, Foebik said:

Thanks @Michel

@KSchex is this something you can share. Im just starting to get my feet wet with setting up variables, but it would be helpful to see your examples, especially since it will be examples of things Im trying to accomplish as well.

Sent you a message with code.  Hope it helps.

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