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Insteon on off messages received but cannot use as triggers?


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Hello all,

I have an ISY-99i that I have had setup for awhile. I have my garage door motion sensor trigger a bunch of lights in the house and on he way to the house. This program worked great until a week or two ago. Now, it does not work at all as programmed.


I have the garage light "Control" event (Also tried status) turn on the other lights. From the ISY-99i I can turn the garage light on and off easily. If I have the status trigger on, this then triggers the other lights. However, if I trigger the light by movin in front of it, it appears to no longer send a message the ISY-99i can receive. If I clear the log and then look at it after triggering the light, I see no entries..


Is it possible it is the second phase, and whatever allowed it to magically work before (I have no bridge) has now stopped working?


Any ideas would be welcome, this was the primary reason for my investment and I would love to have this working again..

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To receive the motion sensors transmission you have to have one Access Point.


You don't have a second one on the other phase?


Try unplugging any Access Points you have and then wait thirty or so seconds. The reconnect them and try again. An Access Point may have been locked up.

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Hi ahbrown41,


The main question I have is whether or not you receive events from any other INSTEON device in your network. If NOT, then is it possible that you have factory reset your PLM? If so, restoring the PLM might help


From a pure theoretical perspective, you can receive events from devices if and only if they have a master link in the PLM (PLM is the slave to them). So, if you have good communications then the only possibility is an issue with the PLM.


With kind regards,


I actually have the insteon floodlight with the "sense" sensor so no access point is necessary. I have pulled the plm a few times and reset all the insteon devices with the isy-99i. No good yet..
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