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Flic Nodeserver


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I received a Flic Hub with several Flic buttons. If you haven't seen them, they are pretty slick BLE buttons that you can put around the house. They have several built-in integrations for controlling smart devices, however there no Polisy nodeserver.  It does have IFTTT integration but the delay between a button push and the action is 5-10 seconds which is annoying.

If I had any developmental-chops, I would create a nodeserver similar to the CAO wireless tag manager.  Since I don't, is it possible to create a very (very!) simple nodeserver to read the equivalent of a webhook from the Flic Hub? I won't have too many of the buttons so I'm good with a hacky solution. The Flic Hub comes with a SDK and allows you to create custom integrations.

Appreciate any suggestions.

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