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when will "ISY" to "ISY on Polisy" migration tool be available?


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1 minute ago, someguy said:

I don't see where 5.3.0 is or has the migration tool?

also, I got the same problem that the image shows above where I had a mismatch of the admin console and the Isy.

Please follow 5.3.0 thread for fix to mismatch.

Migration tool is restoring on Polisy a backup made from ISY 994.

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I believe that there should be a wiki or a "how to" moving from ISY to ISY on Polisy.  here, i'll try to type one up real quick and someone can tell me where i'm wrong.


-isy is up and running.

-isy on polisy is up and running.

-planning on using the same plm on the "isy on polisy" as i was on "isy".



1) take backup from ISY using "backup ISY"

2) use "restore backup" on "ISY on Polisy" to load up the backup created in #1.


is it that simple?  does the backup need to be from the same firmware on ISY as it is on "ISY on Polisy"?

Thank you,


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31 minutes ago, someguy said:

I was thinking of trying to move my ISY to "ISY on Polisy" this weekend.  it's a snowy weekend here.  I'd like to have a recommendation as to how to do so if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.  

Having done it relatively recently, it is that simple from 20k feet.

IF, you already have verified that you have the ISY on the Polisy and can get to it already in blank / virgin state.

btw: :  take a back-up of the virgin state as well.

go through your two steps above.

Now it depends on your setup.  Are you moving the PLM over if you have one?  Do you have Z-wave?  What is the state of your PolyGlot?

I dd a new PLM ; easier with old.

Z-wave do not come over.

I had PG online, PG2, & PG3

Oh and I decided to change the IP of my Poly at the same time.  So I had a bit of a muddle but must say I am now up and working with a powered down resting 994ISY.

Its worth the effort.


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13 hours ago, apostolakisl said:

  what about any modules?  Do you have to contact UD and have the licenses moved?  Also, I don't believe that the Elk module is available on Polisy ISY?

@apostolakisl I moved from the Elk Module to the Elk nodeserver on PG3, purchased fro @Jimbo. 

Its fantastic. Conversion though did mean redoing each program. So I did a Copy Folder to Clipboard of My Programs and had a reference for each program to update it. You will lose voice however, for now. Alexa is a possible replacement option for voice. not as neat / smooth, but works well.  

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