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Sunset sunrise different between ISY on Polisy and ISY on 994


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I currently run 2 versions of isy. One on a polisy and one on a 994. Both have sunset scenes. I noticed the polisy sunset scene was coming on at a different time than the one on the Polisy.

I checked both sunrise and sunset through the admin console for each copy. They are different with the time on the ISY on the 994 being correct. 

@Michel Kohanim I thought you might want to know.


                           Sunrise     Sunset

ISY on 994          7:24:xx       5:08:xx

isy on Polisy         6:58:xx      5:00:xx

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1 hour ago, stevehoyt said:

I am embarrassed. I did not realize that many years ago set mine to SF CA and the default is LA.

Problem solved sorry to waste your time. 

My polisy showed LA time also and it was never set to that. It was a bug in a version of ISY on polisy that has been somewhat fixed.

I still have some system times indicating incorrectly, and variables with Last Changed Values about 5 hours too early, depending on what changed them.

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