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PG3 seeing a ghost


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I got PG3 running just fine, however there is a strange issue. I have 3 Node Servers running on PG2 and nothing installed yet on PG3. 

When I go to the Dashboard for PG3, it is showing me my 3 PG2 Node Servers as "Unmanaged" which I assume is correct since they are managed by PG2. However PG3 also shows a fourth "Unmanaged" NS that I uninstalled from PG2 a couple of months ago. 

I tried re-installing it on PG2, and then uninstalling it again to see if it would go away from PG3 but it did not. Rebooting the Polisy did nothing for this also.

Also the "phantom" NS was uninstalled from PG2 well before I installed PG3.

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Thanks. You steered me in the right direction.

It wasn't in the ISY, but it was in my Polisy-ISY, which I was playing around with but haven't switched over yet.

I went ahead and deleted all the Node Servers from the POLISY-ISY as a precautionary measure since I'm not using it.

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