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Can't get Google integration to work


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I can't seem to add a device to Google Home.  I have it (a LampLinc) set up in the portal, with a spoken.  In Google Home, I follow the instructions to add a new device, and choose "Works with Google."  This page already displays my other linked service (Lutron).  Then I search for "Univ" and the Universal Devices entry shows up.  I choose it, and the portal login dialog appears.  I log in, and it says "Universal Devices is linked" at the bottom, then that screen goes away and the Home home screen displays, but there is no new device shown.  If I repeat the process, when I choose "Works with Google", it still shows Lutron as a connected service, but not Universal Devices.  So I guess it hasn't worked, even though I get that "Universal Devices is linked" message.

I have two ISYs in the portal, if that's relevant.  Also, this device is on an ISY on PolIsy, version 5.3.0.  I'm not sure how it would know which one to link to, or if it's supposed to link to both.  Anyway, I'd appreciate any help you can give me.


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