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2 wire Dimmer kit 2474D and 2474S

C Martin

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I just installed a 2 wire Dimmer Kit. I have a closet area that has 2 switches that have no hot and neutral wire, just a 2 wire switch leg.

I have noticed that the Dimmer component 2474D and the Companion Switch 2474S have limited controls available via my ISY 99i.

You cannot set "On Levels" or "Ramp Rate" as you can with other Switchlinc devices.

You can set these values via Programming but I am using a 2420 Motion Sensor via a Scene to trigger these devices. The Scene does not allow any of these Values to be set either.

I have a scene that takes place in the evening and i want my light to come on with a dimmed value and another scene for that same area during the daytime and want a full lighting value for that time.


The reason that I am using a scene to control this area is because the scene has no lag time for triggering the lights as would happen via program control.


Is this an Oversight or has no one asked for these features?

If so, can these features be added in an upcoming release?


Trust me, if I could conveniently re-wire these switches I would and I can't be the only one using these devices _"I hope".




Clarence Martin

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Hello Clarence,


Do you have both the switch and the InlineLinc included in the scene? The InlineLinc should allow you to set the level and rate. The SwitchLinc will only allow On/Off.


As a work-around you could remove the 2474D and add it back as a 2475D (Add New Insteon Device).


Which ISY firmware are you using?



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Hi Rand,


The 2-Wire Dimmer Kit includes a 2474D and a 2474S.

I don't know if the 2474D is the same as the in-line module.


But, I am feeling a little stupid for not exploring my programming options a little deeper.


I have the motion sensor and the two dimmer kit devices added to my "Closet Scene".


I do not get any control for the devices when I am in the scene tab.

But, I am able to control the devices in the program tab. I explored the "Adjust" Action and I a now ecstatic about being able to set the Dimmer Module to a Dimmed value when the scene is triggered.

For this usage, it is perfect for my scene.


These are my Scene Programs:


Closet Motion Daytime:


Control 'Closet Motion-Sensor' is switched On

And Program 'GoodNite Flag Pgm' is False



Set 'Closet Light Dimmer' On

Wait 3 minutes

Set Scene 'Closet Motion' Off



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')



and Closet Motion Night



Control 'Closet Motion-Sensor' is switched On

And Program 'GoodNite Flag Pgm' is True



In Scene 'Closet Motion-Sensor' Set 'Closet Light Dimmer' 50% (On Level)

Wait 15 seconds

Set 'Closet Light Dimmer' Fade Down



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')






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Are you saying that the 2474D and 2475D are different devices, both inline, but with one having limited access to the scene attributes? If so, I would be a bit frustrated with smarthome.


If so, then would swapping out the parts from the 2-wire dimmer kit with a "normal" switch and "normal" inline link solve Mr Martin's problems with direct scene control?

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I looked at the Smarthome site and they are listed differently. Looking a little further into the specs. I have concluded that they are the same device. The 2474D is sold as a kit with a companion switch. The page for the 2475D list it a 500 watts load but further down in the page it states 400 watts, same as the 2474D


I need to remove my 2474D and see if I get any difference by setting it us as a 2475D.

I'll keep you posted.



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OK, testing is done!

A 2474D can be installed using the 2475D setup, and it works. You get local control of all functions - on, off dim and etc.

You loose control with the 2474S companion switch unless you add both to a scene.

For my use, I am going back to the 2474D setup because it really works with my Motion Sensor and closet scene.



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